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Unique Weddings Organized By An Experienced Wedding Planner: Luxury Weddings di Giulia Risaliti

“I wish you could all witness what happens at the end of every event. We take a deep breath and hug each other because what I see is a job well done, but for these people, it will be a memory that will remain in their minds and hearts forever.”

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How it all began…

After finishing her studies back in the early 2000s, she started working in a small wedding favors shop. The concept of a wedding planner was not really known back then. She slowly started attending small, private events of loyal customers who asked for a broader service than just supply the wedding favors. After this experience in 2007, she came in contact with a catering company that she worked with until 2012 when she started on her own. The catering company gave her experience that laid the foundations of her own profession. It did not take long before she was able to create and own her wedding planning agency, Luxury Weddings di Giulia Risaliti.

What Luxury Weddings di Giulia Risaliti stands for 

The name speaks for itself. The agency wants to evoke high-level or luxury events. In general, it is all about events in which creativity can be given free rein, the high importance of beauty and taste, but above all recognize the quality of every detail that constitutes the event: from materials to suppliers.


Whilst creativity is one big factor of the company, the style can be described differently. The style that defines her work is timeless, yet elegant but with character and personality. It winks at the contemporary and captures the newest aspect, however, it always keeps the principles of tradition firm. It is a perfect combination of the past and present so that the event can be placed in any period of time. The events can be appreciated today, as 10 years ago and in 10 years.

What Makes her Different 

Besides the fact that she’s a mother of three, so can basically do everything, there are a lot of other things that make her perfect for the job. She recommends to contact her eight to ten months before the wedding, she can organize a wedding that takes your breath away in just three months! She loves what she does and especially what the job has given back to her in terms of affection, respect, and gratitude from the couples and their parents, which she describes as something indescribable. She tells us: “I wish you could all witness our hugs, when we take a breath, at the end of the event, we look back and what I see is, for me, a job well done, but for these people, a memory that will remain indelible in their minds, in their hearts forever.”

Giulia organizes weddings from 18 up to 400 people, with her attitude, attention, and dedication being the same. Interested? Get in touch with her through her Zankyou page!

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