Trends in Tulle Wedding Dresses for Spring-Summer in 2015

Descubre las mejores propuestas de diferentes marcas de vestidos de novia diseñados con tul y siéntete como una princesa en uno de los días más importantes de tu vida, el día de tu boda.

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Most women know exactly what their wedding dresses will look like from how the sleeves will fall to what type of veil they´ll choose, but they don´t often think about what fabric their dress will be made from. If you find yourself wondering what you´d like best, let us propose one of the most popular fabrics out there: tulle.

Named after the French town where it originated in the eighteenth century, Tulle is a lightweight fabric made of cotton or silk. The voluminous but light quality of the material made it perfect for billowing bridal skirts reminiscent of royal gowns. You can find at least one or two tulle skirts in any collection like Anna Kara,  Vera Wang, and Sottero& Midgley among others.

If you find the fabric to be too much, there are many other ways to utilize the versatile material – give volume and some dynamism to the bottom of a mermaid cut dress by adding tulle, further fill out a princess cut dress with airy big skirts. With tulle you can dare to go big.

Discover this wonderful fabric in these spectacular dresses, something for all tastes and styles. Do not miss it!

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Trends in Tulle Wedding Dresses for Spring-Summer in 2015