Tiaras and Crowns: Royal Headwear for your Wedding

We all envy a royal wedding, the spectacle, the dress, the jewels - who wouldn´t love to wear a crown? Well, you can! Invest in a tiara and you can turn your bridal look regal.

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Who doesn´t love a royal wedding? The spectacular ceremony, the enviable dress, and most of all, the priceless jewels. And though passed on from generation to generation, these aren´t your grandmother´s pearls – we´re talking crown jewels: unique pieces handed down from ancient kings and worn as symbols of the highest authority in the country. Though you may not get to wear a true crown, we wanted to select a few beautiful tiaras that will definitely give you the royal look for your wedding day.

Silver tiaras with a vintage touch and in some cases also adorned with precious pearls give the bridal look the gravity and fineness befitting a princess or a queen. Luckily, for us you don´t have to be royalty to look like it.

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Tiaras and Crowns: Royal Headwear for your Wedding