Best New Suit Styles For 2018 Grooms: The Wedding Isn't Just About The Bride...

Discover the latest trends for grooms in 2018, for classic grooms to those who want to be a little unique by testing new materials, colours and finishes.

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It’s easy to the think that weddings are centred around the bride, but we mustn’t forget about the pets….

Oh, and the grooms of course! We know that men need some inspiration once in a while too..! So, what colour suit will you wear? What flowers will you choose? What will you do with your hair? What style shoes? There are so many elements that go into styling a groom for their big day. So, if yourself or your boyfriend are looking for some inspiration, take a look at our gallery for the latest styles set to hit the aisle in 2018.

In the gallery we have styles stretching from classic black to blue, paired with Italian necklines or slim line ties. And in terms of fabrics, we have smooth styles, Scottish plaid and simple squares – all in different shades! Or, for less traditional style grooms, there’s even cashmere and matte styles.

Take a look through the gallery to discover the luxurious new suit styles for 2018 grooms, and get inspired on how to combine them with accessories, hair styles and colours.

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