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  • The Most Authentic Decorations For Your Indie-Style Wedding Day

The Most Authentic Decorations For Your Indie-Style Wedding Day

Give your wedding decorations an indie, bohemian look with one of these carpets and tapestries - check out the gallery now!

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In the wedding world, decoration of the ceremony and reception are considered to be of vital importance. More and more couples are opting to have a themed wedding, or to have a very defined style for their decoration that reflects their likes and personalities. And within the topic of decoration there are many individual elements and features to bear in mind when you are organizing your own unique celebration. Within this gallery, we show you the best carpets, tapestries and furniture decorations for your incredible folk, and indie-themed wedding that you had never considered before.


It’s likely that you’ve never considered having a beautiful tapestry as an altar decoration, but as you can see, it is a beautiful touch! They can be used in a variety of different spaces, including to line the aisle in an outdoor wedding, such as on the beach. You could also use them to create seating in a more chilled-out reception – we’re envisioning large marquees decorated as tipis, and roaring open fires…

Authentic and rustic, these carpets and tapestries are the perfect addition to a winter wedding, with a mix of ethnic and Nordic styles. Adding warmth and character, you can’t go wrong with putting one of these onto your décor moodboard and trying it out on your wedding day. Scroll through and discover a completely new style now!

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The Most Authentic Decorations For Your Indie-Style Wedding Day