The Butterfly Effect: Add Romanticism and Femininity to your Big Day

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In recent years, we have seen a major change in the format of weddings, as new trends and styles are emerging to accommodate a huge variety of tastes. However, romanticism is always on the rise and can be found in simple and delicate details that can turn your big day into a magical and special one!

If you are looking for some different inspiration, something that is able to make your wedding look whimsical and poetic, go for butterflies! These little creatures symbolize femininity and the power of transformation, and can be part of the composition of various different environments. Many designers use the beauty of butterflies to make dresses with cutouts and appliqués in various shapes, colors and sizes, as well as accessories such as rings, bracelets, tiaras that are delicate and beautiful!

Both the invitations and the rest of the wedding stationery can include drawings and prints that feature butterflies in a myriad of different styles. Starting with a DIY proposal, backdrops and scrapbooks made with colored paper or even newspaper clippings. Table centerpieces with terrariums, flower arrangements, and butterfly-studded cages, creating a light, and spring-like feel. They can even appear as adornments on wedding cakes, candies, bouquets, crockery and anywhere else the bride wishes!

Make the most of incorporating butterflies into your big day and draw inspiration from this gallery. Also, don’t forget to check out our other galleries, such as incorporating feathers into your big day, 50 Bridal Bouquets for 2017, how to decorate your wedding day with wood,  and 60 cool cake toppers for your 2017 wedding cake! 

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