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Discover the Most Amazing Greek Designers For Your Romantic Wedding Look

Discover Greece's most famous designers and get inspired by the country's best bridal looks. You'll want to wear them all!

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Greece has played an important role in universal history: it is where great historical events have taken place that will be remembered forever, as well as being closely linked to fashion. In this gallery we show you the most important Grecian bridal fashion signature looks and the most impressive wedding dresses. Don’t miss these current trends, mixed with hint of history, which will make you look breathtaking on your wedding day.

From the Greeks, we have inherited the classical criteria of beauty, harmony and symmetry, as well as the decorative patterns that are parallel to the architecture of the country. All of this is reflected in the trends and fashion. And it isn’t surprising that Grecian style is often favoured by brides and guests from many parts of the world already. In this selection we present a great variety of looks from several different brands that play with shapes, fabrics, sizes, details and, of course, embroidery.

In short, discover the link between fashion and culture with our selection of the best wedding dresses by Greek brands. We are sure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them! Get inspired and choose your favorite.

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