The 14 Most Stunning Environments Wedding Photos of 2015 from All Over the World

  • Credits: Christophe Viseux Photography
  • Credits: Ekaterina Mukhina Photography
  • Credits: Eric Ronald Photography
  • Credits: Ivo Popov Photography
  • Credits: Fer Juaristi Photography
  • Credits: Franck Boutonnet Photography
  • Credits: Hendra Lesmana of Cheese Click Photography
  • Credits: Ivo Popov Photography
    • Credits: Charleton Churchill Photography
    • Credits: Jakob Granqvist of Nordica Photography
    • Credits: Jim Pollard Photography
    • Credits: Ropate Kama of Kama Catch Me Photography
    • Credits: Theilen Photography
    • Credits: The Kitcheners Photography
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In this gallery we wanted to gather the 14 most stunning environments wedding photos of 2015 from all over the world that not only capture a beautiful brief moment for an eternity, but also capture the sentiment that love is everywhere.

With all that’s going on in the news the world can seem like it’s only a dark and bitter place. But it’s photos like these that help remind us that love always triumphs – no matter where in the world.

Share these gorgeous photos with somebody you love and spread the word – love is everywhere!

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