The 10 Most Popular Wedding and Engagement Rings from Arabel Lebrusan

Beautiful, unique, and ethically sourced! What more could you ask of a perfect engagement/wedding ring?

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When looking for engagement and wedding rings, we all want something unique and personal, something that’s romantic and one-of-a-kind and also representative of the individual wearing it – this is very difficult to find in your average high street shop. Combine that with more conscious consumers, the eye catching, ethically designed jewelry at Arabel Lebrusan instantly stands out.


Arabel Lebrusan is a remarkable jewelry company: not only do they make absolutely gorgeous bling, they also ensure that their materials are conflict-free and ethically sourced. To learn more about them and other green jewelry companies, check out our post, The Best Fair Trade and Ethically Mined Diamond Engagement Ring Companies.

In this gallery, we’ve assembled the top 5 most popular designs for engagement and wedding rings from the brand. We asked a representative of the company to tell us what trends they’ve noticed – they had this to say:

What prevails is the combining of tradition with individuality, a ring that will be truly timeless. Designs that embody the symbol of union yet provide intricate details and gems that reflect the uniqueness of their own relationship. A ring inspired by the past fused together with inspiration from their future together.

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The 10 Most Popular Wedding and Engagement Rings from Arabel Lebrusan