Super artists based in Mexico City and California: Em & Me Photo

Their specialty are weddings and destiny elopements. Moni and Lalo will document your very special day in a unique style. Live also their various shooting fashions.

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Before launching Em & Me Photo while traveling across Michoacán, Lalo spent some beautiful and teaching years developing the experience that only real weddings and special events confer. A mutual friend hired the just founded company to photograph his proposal at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This was the first job a list made up of countless successful cases.

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Photo: Em & Me Photo

Art and documentary photography

The experience was so incredible that these friends never stopped thinking about them to document his wedding. An amazing and intimate event that took place in Los Angeles.  This first commission became a door. When the photographs were developed, a long list of couples looked for Em & Me Photo to do their anniversaries, engagement parties or just private shootings. Moni and Lalo try their best to convey relevant details along with the bride and groom’s emotions. And they never forget the importance of the guests. To do so, they combine different techniques, such as product photography, landscape photography and portrait. This is how they collect all the ingredients they need to tell an accurate and moving story.

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Foto: Em & Me Photo

Nothing more than feelings

The biggest challenge for Em & Me Photo is clear: they need to find the small instants that sum up the love that the bride and groom feel. There are the essential details that portray a unique story. Moni and Lalo listen to the couple and soak themselves in their expectations, wishes and tastes. They meet up with them until they are so familiar with their past and present that they know where to look during the ceremony and the afterparty. All this closeness helps creating a very good chemistry with their clients.

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Em & Me Photo

We would like to mention that Moni and Lalo are a couple themselves. That, along with their family and friends, is their main source of inspiration. When a couple ask them for advice in order to attain a perfect set of pictures, there is only one thing they say: enjoying the day is the most important thing, as emotions are what makes a photograph unique.

Overall, they offer a discount to all couples who chose to print the pictures at their shop and they also offer payment flexibility.

Let Em & Me Photo be a part of your life during the most special moments of your big day.

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