Striking and Original Boutonnieres

Its time that men got to flex some flower power, too - dress them up with these remarkable boutonnieres and we guarantee your man will start appreciating floral trends.

  • The groom

It really is unfair that we girls get to have all the fun when it comes to flowers. We get crowns, leis, bouquets, and more – but men are pretty much left bereft. However, when they do get to done some floral accents, it really has a stunning affect. The boutonniere is a man´s chance to pack a some flower power into his look and we think it makes them look all the more delectable. As these boutonniere´s prove, floral looks can be downright masculine. We´ve curated a gallery of some of the most eye-catching examples that we´re sure to make your man shine.

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Striking and Original Boutonnieres