Sottero & Midgley´s Platinum Collection Spring 2015

  • Sottero&Midgley Platinum
  • Rose Mary 4SW044.
  • Anastasia 4SW933.
  • Ettiene 4SC963.
  • Noreen 4SS007.
  • Constance 4SC944.
  • Justina 72403.
  • Summer 4SS991.
    • Angelette 4SS811.
    • Viola 4SW045.
    • Sonata 4SS826.
    • Delanie 82503.
    • Francine 4SS010.
    • Jennifer 4SB979.
    • Kendall 72633.
    • Clementine 4SC988.
    • Adorae JSM1307.
    • Shaylee 72703.
    • Viera 4SS057.
    • Pamela 4SK947.
    • Shanene 4SN002.
    • Trinity 4SD817.
    • Sorrento 4ST050.
    • Tanya 4ST049.
    • Lyla 71833.
    • Cayleigh 4SS054.
    • Lara 71723.
    • Tracey JSM1428.
  • [ALT] 20+

We can probably all agree that the wedding dress is the first thing we think about when we start organizing our wedding. In fact, we´ve probably been planning it even before we had a fiancé – if not the wedding itself, then definitely the dress. Sottero & Midgley, a firm with extensive experience in designing bridal gowns, creates the dresses we´ve been dreaming of ever since we could remember. The Spring 2015 Platinum Collection is absolutely stunning. Whether its a princess cut that clings tightly to the bodice and large waist skirt, or the even sexier mermaid cut, Sottero & Midgley use the finest lace and embroidery, and always have a beautiful finishing of rhinestones.

These are truly sophisticated dresses that highlight the figure. If you wear one of their dresses on your wedding day it´ll be like a dream come true. Don´t miss out and check out the beautiful gallery below.

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