Sottero & Midgley Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses: Monaco Collection

  • Alandra 6SR284.
  • Alexandra 6SW211.
  • Celine 6SW175.
  • Dharma 6SD273.
  • Evelyn 6SW196.
  • Elizabeth 6SD195.
  • Faith 6SC176.
    • Florinda 6SG225.
    • Gabriella 6SR204.
    • Gesinee 6SW190LU.
    • Idalia 6SR251.
    • Jahalia 6SW213.
    • Keagan 6SD231.
    • Layla 6SW212.
    • Lydia 6ST259.
    • Maky 6SW210.
    • Maui 6ST179.
    • McCall 6SZ192.
    • Monaco 6SW260.
    • Natalia 6SC184LU.
    • Perri 6ST243.
    • Radience 6SW214.
    • Samirah 6SW239.
    • Sigourney 6SD283.
    • Silvia 6SC247.
    • Tabitha 6SR205.
    • Tierney 6SK182.
    • Vanessa 6SS282.
    • Venecia 6SC246.
    • Winifred 6ST263.
    • Zelinda 6SS203.
  • [ALT] 24+

For the bride that wants something a little more fashion forward and modern, Sottero & Midgley has the perfect bridal collection for you. The Spring 2016 Collection, named Monaco, has some stunning architectural silhouettes that will thrill any sophisticated fashionista. There’s also plenty of romance and sensuality to be had as well, with provocative sheath wedding dresses commanding an essence of elegance and sensuality.

As you glance through the gallery, you’ll notice that the Monaco collection celebrates traditional glamour with a contemporary twist. For those avant-garde brides out there, this is the collection to keep your eye on – artfully blending the styles of the past as well as needs of the present.

For more from Maggie Sottero Designs, check out the Maggie Sottero Spring 2016 Bridal Collection.

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