Sottero & Midgley Spring 2015 Collection: Unique Bridal Elegance

Spring 2015 collection includes designs created with luxury and sensuality in mind, with some very unique pieces that are all as exclusive as each other.

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When choosing a wedding dress, women naturally look to well known brands they know they can rely on for something so special. The Sottero & Midgley collection for spring 2015, reaffirms this brand’s quality in their incredible designs.

Their dresses all have something in common, they ensure that brides look elegant and glamorous on their big day. Their spring 2015 collection includes designs created with luxury and sensuality in mind, with some very unique pieces that are all as exclusive as each other.

Within their collection you’ll find voluminous dresses for brides who want to feel like a princess and simple cut gowns with luxuriously delicate details. They also have all types of necklines, cuts and patterns. Truly something for every bride.

Check out this fabulous gallery! We’re sure you’ll find something to make you look extra radiant on your wedding day!

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