Wedding Traditions: How to Include Something Blue in Your Wedding

Here are our tips to add something blue to your big day! Whether you subscribe to tradition or not, blue is a beautiful wedding color which goes with any skin tone and any hair color. So read up!

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We all know the tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (“and a sixpence in her shoe” according to the old English rhyme) – all this is supposedly to bring a bride good luck on her wedding day.

Whether you subscribe to traditions or not, the sentiment is a good one. Something new symbolizes that you and your spouse are beginning a new life together, something borrowed (usually given by a person who has had a happy marriage, i.e. your parents) symbolizes a transfer of the good luck that blessed another marriage to your own, something old symbolizes the continuation of your love (and may be passed on from you to your own children on their wedding day), and something blue symbolizing purity and fidelity.
As all the other tokens can be quite personal and usually are given by family, we decided to concentrate on the “something blue” aspect. We’ve assembled a gallery demonstrating how you can carry or include the color blue in your wedding. You could wear a blue dress, or accent your dress with blue accessories like shoes, tiaras, bouquets, jewelry (sapphires anyone?). You could also decorate tables or the wedding cake with blue flowers, or even make a blue cake. We personally love the blue macarons. 
As we said, whether you´re superstitious or not you have to see this gallery, either to follow tradition or to give a touch of color to your wedding.

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