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Solo Merav Wedding Dress Collection 2017: Pushing the Fashion Boundaries of Traditionalism

Looking to make a bold fashion statement on your wedding day? Consider wearing one of the luxurious and sexy designs of top Israeli wedding dress designer, Solo Merav.

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For over 20 years, Solo Merav has been a leading designer in the wedding industry. Known for her risque, fashion forward designs, brides that choose to wear a Solo Merav on their wedding day are definitely looking to make a statement. The Israeli designer has found a way to balance the elements all brides look for in a wedding dress; sophistication, elegance, and sexiness, just to name a few. Merav’s designs are unlike any other and for that reason, American brides are fawning over her latest collection.

While many bridal gowns appeal to traditionalism, Solo Merav pushes the boundaries and allows brides to express themselves in a new way. With each dress offering such intricate beading, detailing, and eye catching silhouettes, Merav’s dress are seen more than just a wedding dress. You will immediately feel the luxury and glamour that is stitched into each dress,  the minute you step into one of Merav’s designs.

It is no doubt that due to the passing of years, brides are looking to take a bit of a risk with their wedding day ensemble, as opposed to sticking to the traditional, simple, white dress. If you are looking to wear something different and turn the heads of every guest, then discover the 2017  wedding dress collection of Solo Merav!

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