Simple yet Elegant Bridal Jewelry for 2015

  • 21Diamonds, Cayman-Islands.
  • 21Diamonds, Fibi.
  • Tiffany&Co, Barcelet Jone.
  • Tiffany&Co, Barcelet Wire
  • Accesorize, 6812730800.
  • Accesorize, 6813923500.
  • Accesorize, 6841918100.
  • Accesorize, 6841928100.
    • Folli Follie, 3B13T002RS61.
    • Agatha, 02350644-157-TU.
    • Folli Follie, 3E2T019RIC.
    • Agatha, 13771813-313-TU.
    • Agatha, 13771791-313-TU.
    • Ginette NY, BOIN.
    • Agatha, 02450222-064-TU.
    • Agatha, 02640003-157-TU.
    • Ginette NY, CBLM002.
    • Ginette NY, RCKD.
    • Ginette NY, CB004.
    • Ginette NY, RSTD.
    • Folli Follie, 3E13T021RS.
    • Pandora, 150175CZ.
    • Pandora, 190892CZ.
    • Pandora, 190865P.
    • Pandora, 190921CZ.
    • Parfois, 119004.
    • Tous, 313394010.
    • Tous, 414822500.
    • Pandora, 190922.
    • Parfois, 84193.
    • Tous, 413284000.
  • [ALT] 23+

Simplicity and elegance are achieved when you have a high quality gem stone. As any bride knows, quality always trumps quantity when it comes to jewelry. A good gem stone does not need others to make the bride shine.

Above we´ve selected pieces from international brands that we think exhibit this trait. The prices will suit all pockets while maintaining a degree of quality: Agatha, Folli Follie, Tous, Pandora, Ginette NY, Parfois or Accesorize are perfect for a modern and chic bride.

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