Simple Wedding Dresses: Find the Perfect Sophisticated Look

Simple doesn't have to mean boring, so if you want a more lowkey dress for your 2019 wedding, then check out some of our top picks here!

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Current fashion trends indicate that simple and natural pieces are holding their ground against everything ostentatious and obvious, and this also extends into the bridal fashion industry, with many women now saying that they would prefer a more lowkey wedding, full of intimate details and emotion. If you’re one of these brides, then don’t waste any time in checking out the best simple dresses for 2019 weddings – simplicity is the key to elegance!

The advantage of choosing a simple wedding dress is that we can play and accessorise with everything else. For example, we could then choose a big bouquet, full of colour and distinctive patterns. Another option here would be to choose some colourful shoes, which has become a very popular trend in recent seasons, and one that continues to flourish. Whether you’re looking for short and simple wedding dresses, or simple wedding dresses for civil ceremonies, there is always something!

Simplicity reigns at the moment, and millennial brides are choosing it over the more extravagant gowns. Have you still not seen the best simple wedding dresses for 2019? Amongst them is your dream dress, we promise! Look radiant on your big day, and discover them now!


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