Rustic-Chic Pic-Nic Wedding Decor

Rustic weddings are all the rage recently, and what´s more rustic than an outdoor pic-nic wedding? Browse our gallery of delightful decor inspirations to see how to achieve this look.

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Who doesn´t like spreading a blanket in the field, laying in the warm sun and enjoying the natural air as you lazily eat and drink your way through the afternoon? A pic-nic after all is time to spend with family and friends its not only a great way to spend the day, but now that we´ve seen these photos we´re convinced it´s also a great theme for your wedding. Check out the lights, custom pic-nic boxes (our personal favorite), jackets cakes, hampers, and checkered tablecloths.

The pic-nic details give the decor an extra homey feeling, as though you´re in somebody´s backyard, enjoying a family get together. This is the perfect family-friendly, laid back, fun theme we´d envision for a bride and groom who want to wear boots to their wedding.

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Rustic-Chic Pic-Nic Wedding Decor