Roses for You Wedding Decor in 2015

  • Instead of a cake topper, use flowers.
  • Small cake with pink pearls and very romantic .
  • The flowers generally complete the look of any cake for very bland it .
  • A curious arrangement of flowers on the table .
  • For inside decorative lanterns , roses highlight for sure.
  • Centerpieces with roses and wildflowers.
  • Invitations motif pink, fresh and simple.
  • Mini cake and centerpieces matching ,roses bring the common touch!
    • Even in the groom 's boutonniere you can put a rose.
    • A romantic and vintage decoration with roses and flowers in the range of pink and red .
    • Organize mini bouquets with a rose and some branches .
    • A candle with chic decorations.
    • Romantic decoration with golden chandeliers and flowers in various shades.
    • A rose for every guest is a good idea!
    • Decor bags with roses.
    • Arrange the flowers in small jars or pots is a trend appeal .
    • Decorate with roses can give very different touches. Both chic ,but very different cakes!
    • Center table with decorative flowers that brings a touch of style to the table.
    • You can have roses in your cage to bring magic to the mix .
    • Combines classic trend bottles + candles with roses to give a romantic and chic.
    • Any hit on the hair will look good with roses .
    • Natural decoration on chairs, for a chic vintage wedding .
    • An attractive combination of organic flower and geometric piece.
    • A classic and great for stair railings decor.
    • Decorated with roses during the ceremony.
    • Stationery with flowers is widely used in weddings.
    • Roses in purple and very pretty in cupcakes.
    • A DIY portaflor for rustic weddings.
    • Small details that make the difference!
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Flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand, and without a doubt the rose rises above the rest as a symbol of love and romance – it is so traditional and yet also modern. The symbolism of the rose runs deep in our poetic and artistic history, it represents the woman, freshness, youth, passion, love, and ultimately represents the many emotions that perfectly match those of someone getting married.

Here we hope to give you some inspirations on how to arrange your wedding decoration with roses. They can feature as center pieces, or be scattered abundantly on the banquet table, hang beside wedding lights on the handrails, on chairs, or used jars (a popular DIY trend).

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