Romantic wedding cakes are a real treat!

Covered with blooming flowers, delicate icing details and perfectly tiered, romantic cakes are the best centerpieces at a wedding banquet.

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Choosing the right decor for your wedding day is no easy task. We all have a different style, we all like different things and it also partly comes down to your choice of venue. In this gallery we’re specifically thinking about romantic weddings and cakes that evoke this style.

romantic wedding has fairy tale elements, using light tones, lots of flowers, candles to add warmth, giant centerpieces and not forgetting a magnificent cake. The world of wedding cakes is huge, and we’re now fortunate enough to be able to choose a cake in the styles, colors and flavors that we most love. When it comes to a romantic wedding, we’re thinking of a white base cake with lots of edible flowers or a cascading effect that will look incredibly elegant. Another option is a monochrome cake, where the base and flowers are of the same color and decorating it with micro sugar pearls in a similar tone.

There are thousands of options, have a look at our pretty ideas for some sweet inspiration!

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