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Reception Perfection: Original Chair Decoration Ideas for 2017

Stuck on how to decorate the wedding chairs at your reception? Look no further than this gallery of original ideas for inspiration. You´re sure to find something you love!

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Everybody already knows that the way your wedding is decorated is one of the key ways of expressing your originality. Trends change every season with the idea in mind that you can experiment with what you like and express your style to the fullest. We are focusing mainly on anything and everything that has to do with the wedding reception, but especially on the most original ideas for decorating your wedding chairs. In this gallery you will find inspiration of all kinds which will allow you to achieve an ideal, unique, magical and wonderful look for your big day. Don´t miss out!

If you like the idea of ​​having beach wedding decoration, then we recommend that you choose chairs in white, so that you can dress them with soft textiles or strips of wood based on the colour palette you have chosen. Draping garlands of flowers across them is also a must for these types of wedding chairs, plus you can integrate different varieties of flowers and lots of foliage.

If you´re leaning more towards rustic or boho-chic style wedding décor, we recommend that you choose bunting in earthy colors to decorate your wedding chairs. To achieve this look, choose wooden chairs and natural textures. We suggest opting for a wreath of gypsophila (baby´s breath) to add a touch of romance to the atmosphere on your big day. For the ceremony, small flower arrangements are ideal. Check out our wedding decorators directory here.

Now all that´s left is somewhere to let the decoration do the talking, right? How about displaying your exquisite decoration in an equally exquisite location abroad?

For some inspiration, here are some of our favorite Destination Wedding Venues:

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Reception Perfection: Original Chair Decoration Ideas for 2017