Pronovias 2015 Wedding Guest Party and Evening Dresses

Wondering what to wear to a wedding? Pronovias has beautifully regal options - in fact, you may outshine the bride!

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This year you´ll see Pronovias not only on the beautiful bride but also adorning the guests! The glamorous party and evening dresses part of Pronovias´ 2015 Cocktail and Ceremony Collection are a sight to behold. The guests who wear Pronovia are at risk of outshining the bride – we especially like the deep jewel-toned dresses in magenta, sapphire and emerald. For those looking for brighter colors, there´s pale and electric blue options, as well. The subtle rhinestone applications and handmade embroidery add just enough sparkle to the glamorous gowns.

Also new: some jumpsuit options with wide legs flow like a skirt!

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