Prêt A Porter Brides: The charm of a minimalist spirit

Prêt A Porter Brides: The charm of a minimalist spirit

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Prêt A Porter, or “ready-to-wear” are designs that are easily accessible to everyone. It is said that the history of Ready-to-Wear is very recent, at a time when what is now regarded as “fashion” was still only tailor made-to-measure (something that is now considered haute couture, the opposite of Ready-to-Wear). At the time, designers such as Dior, Balenciaga, Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain and Pierre Cardin didn’t want fashion limited to only a few people that could afford this expensive luxury and decided that they wanted their collections to reach a wider audience – which wasn’t too well received at first, but this soon changed!

We now invite you to discover how “Ready-to-Wear” has influenced the style of wedding dresses. Many designers have adapted the characteristics of ready-to-wear to bridal gowns. Dresses designed with simple cuts and relatively light fabrics with very little detail and above all, bathed in a natural and minimalist spirit.

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