Non-White Wedding Dresses for the Adventurous Bride 2017

Break from tradition with one of these bold non-white wedding dresses

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White happens to be the traditional color for wedding dresses in western culture, but it hasn’t always been that way. White became popular during the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria broke from tradition and wore a white dress to her wedding. Though her color choice shocked the country, white became the norn soon afterwards.

Before Victoria started the trend, bright colors such as blue and red were the most common for bridal gowns. We say, why not bring them back? Today’s gallery of the best non-white wedding dresses for 2017 is dedicated to the non-traditional, non-conformist bride.

Season after season, we’ve seen international designers revamp the traditional wedding dress with vibrant colors. Thanks to names such as Pronovias and Naeem Khan, there is a whole spectrum of gorgeous hues to wear on the day of your wedding. Allow us to introduce you to a world of colors including pink, champagne, charcoal, and sky-blue. Break from tradition and surprise your guests with the best non-white wedding dresses for 2017!

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Non-White Wedding Dresses for the Adventurous Bride 2017