Nicole Miller Bridal Collection 2017

Known for her minimalism and timeless designs, Nicole Miller reveals her latest collection of wedding dresses!

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American wedding dress designer, Nicole Miller, has graced us once again with her latest collection of wedding dresses. Miller is known for her effortlessly chic designs that look beautiful on every bride. This collection offers styles that cater to every aesthetic. Yet, the entire collection has one thing in common; minimalism. The simple designs are what allowed Miller to embellish each one to their own unique style. Whether it may be a different bodice, beading, or fabric, the entire collection maintains its cohesiveness while still providing a uniqueness to each dress.

Miller understands that many brides aren’t looking to wear something trendy or risky on the day of their wedding. What they truly desire is to look chic and timeless. Miller’s collection provides all of that and more. When you look back at your wedding photos years from now, your Nicole Miller wedding dress will still appear elegant and fashionable.


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Nicole Miller Bridal Collection 2017