Our Selection of France’s Most Beautiful Wedding Reception Venues

Have you always dreamed of a wedding in a vineyard or overlooking the Eiffel Tower? Check out our editors' pick of the most beautiful venues France has to offer!

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Are you getting married and looking for the reception venue of your dreams? Then look no further – we’re here to guide you through a selection of France’s most beautiful locations.


The search for a reception location can be one of the most stressful – but also most rewarding – parts of wedding planning. Maybe you’re dreaming of a wedding in a regal château, or perhaps you’ve set your heart on a typically rustic Provençal farmhouse?  The perfect venue is different for every couple, and is hugely dependent on budget, vision, and personal taste. That’s why we’re here to share a selection of our editors’ top picks of the most stunning locations this beautiful country has to offer.

France is a country which varies greatly from region to region. Mountains, sandy beaches, verdant countryside – in order to decide on a venue, you’ll first need to settle on a region.

If you’re planning to get married in 2017, be sure to start planning and booking a venue as soon as possible – you won’t be the only ones looking to tie the knot in such stunning surroundings!

We’ve included a range of different types of venue in this article – hotels in Paris, traditional Provençal farmhouses, castles in Gironde, and estates in the Nord-Pas de Calais. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the wide array of gems this beautiful country has to offer!

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Pick Your PlaceSaveurs et EmotionsLe Prieuré de VernelleChâteau PeyronnetChâteau de Fajac la RelenqueLes Bonnes JoiesChâteau des GirardsHotel Pullman Paris Tour EiffelMas des Baumes | Château de MontvillargenneHôtel PalladiaChâteau du Mesnil d’OMoulin de RudelleLe Chalet des ÎlesChâteau de VaugrigneuseDomaine de ManvilleLa Ferme du RoyLe Châlet de la PépinièreDomaine de QuincampoixMusée de Montmartre et Jardins RenoirLe Manoir des CygnesPalace de MenthonChâteau RieutortLes Salons du Château – France EvénementChâteau du Prada |Château de ChasselasChâteau d’AyguebelleDomaine Les SoleïadesMercure Paris Ouest Saint-GermainNomade LodgeLa Salle 91Manoir de la Noë VerteLa Ferme d’Auxonnettes | Ferme de la Jonchère

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Our Selection of France’s Most Beautiful Wedding Reception Venues