Mara Hoffman´s New Spring 2015 Bridal Devotional Collection

Queen of bohemian chic, Mara Hoffman unveils her latest Devotional Collection for Spring 2015 and it is simply divine. The goddess-inspired dresses are varied in style but each embodies the casual elegance that is associated with the brand.

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Simply put, we love everything Mara Hoffman does. She started off making bathing suits that were unlike anything else on the market, then she started making equally noteworthy clothes and we became fans for life. Each of her collections is unique, bold, and oh-so-desirable – and that´s exactly what the designer´s second Devotional Collection is. The mythology inspired line is trademark Hoffman – bohemian and elegant flowing skirts with incredible details: accenting cutouts, geometric sequins and frills, and affordable (as far as wedding dresses go). The prices range from $550-$2,200 – this is because some of the dresses are limited to only twenty pieces, making these gowns really feel like their are one-of-a-kind.

The white dresses are each named after a goddess – and we can imagine that we´d feel like a goddess wearing any one of them. Decorated with white sequins, silk braids, and silk frills, Persephone, Iris, Juno, Selene, Inanna, Athena, Diana, Freya, and Hekate are varied enough in style to fit any bride. Whether you´re walking down a sandy beach or strolling down the isle of a church, these dresses will look absolutely stunning. And the best thing about these dresses is that we would wear them before, during, and after the wedding – their elegant and casual air make them the perfect wedding and event dress, and even just one of those you-feel-like-looking-like-a-goddess days.


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Mara Hoffman´s New Spring 2015 Bridal Devotional Collection