Make Your Bridal Look More Dynamic with these Bridal Hairpieces

Beautiful bridal hairpieces that are great anchors for veils and/or a great addition to the bridal look.

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Feel a flower crown may be too much, but want to wear some hair decor? The bridal hairpiece is perfect – it adds a touch of color or sparkle to your bridal look and can be incorporated into your veil, too. Bridal pieces range from discreet to absolutely fabulous and its completely up to you which would suit your look better.

We love the subtle golden Laurel leaves, which is only visible to those behind the bride – it add a bit of the Greek goddess touch to the bridal look. These hairpieces are especially great for attaching your veil with – a decorative anchor. We also adore the bold fabric flower head piece worn front and slightly aside, a lovely nod to the Roaring 20s.

The great thing about bridal hairpieces? They go with everything, regardless of the dress silhouette or material. So take a browse and get inspired!

For more bridal hairpieces check out our galleries on Jennifer Behr pieces here and here.

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Make Your Bridal Look More Dynamic with these Bridal Hairpieces