Magical Flower Crowns 2017: For Fun, Stylish, Effortlessly Cool Brides

Discover our favorite flower crowns of 2017 for a fresh, fun wedding look!

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It is often said that finding the perfect dress is the most important part of wedding planning. We say, the dress is nothing without the right accessories. In our opinion, the bridal accessories should be chosen with the same careful consideration that we put into finding the dress and many brides agree.

Every wedding season, we are seeing more and more variations in accessory styles, as brides-to-be shop for the headpiece, shoes, bouquet, and jewelry that will make their bridal looks stand out. When it comes to such accessories, brides are ditching the traditional for something daring and bold to express their unique style.

Season after season, we are seeing different trends in veils, bouquets, jewelry, and shoes. It’s no wonder that one of the most popular growing trends for modern brides is the flower headpiece. Lots of trendsetting brides are turning in their veils and adorning their heads in beautiful flowers.

Aside from looks, flower crowns are more comfortable, practical, and versatile than veils and with so many flowers to choose from, a flower headpiece can compliment a wide range of dress styles, from traditional to indie. In this gallery, we present our favorite flower crowns from vibrant roses to delicate baby’s breath for a fresh, fun, effortlessly cool bridal look.

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Magical Flower Crowns 2017: For Fun, Stylish, Effortlessly Cool Brides