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Be A Beautiful Bridesmaid With Jenny Yoo's Chic 2018 Collection

Jenny Yoo aims for elegance with her 2018 Bridesmaids Collection, and hits the mark without any trouble - check out the gallery for inspiration on what looks are in for wedding guests this season.

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Whilst ensuring that they never overshadow the bride, it is the unspoken bridesmaids’ code that they should look chic and fabulous whilst supporting their friend at the altar (and, if at all possible, match with the colour scheme!). And any bridesmaid wearing a dress from Jenny Yoo’s 2018 Fall Collection is sure to do so! With a range of materials included – including velvet, a seldom-used, but always appreciated fabric – and a broad color palette, there is a gown here for every prospective bridesmaid, regardless of size, skin color or style.

Many of the dresses in this collection sport deep V-neck necklines, and there is a subtle sensuality imbued in all of the designs. The simplicity of many of the dresses – without embellishment or embroidery – means that bridesmaids will look stylish, but not detract from the bride; the patterned dresses, such as the Ryan Print Ohana, are understated whilst losing none of the sophistication that we have grown accustomed to from Jenny Yoo.

If you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress for the Fall and Winter months, then take a closer look at Jenny Yoo’s collection, and you’re sure to find it here!

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