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Jacquard and Damask Wedding Decoration: Formal, Sophisticated and Elegant

Invitaciones y mesas con decoración en estampado de damasco: perfecta para una boda clásica y chic, ¡aunque puedes adaptarla a un estilo muy moderno!

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A classic print that never loses its authentic style. Combining silky and matte embroidery or a print of different shades, jacquard decoration gives that Victorian and aristocratic air that many look for in the decoration of their grand wedding banquet. From napkin rings with an embossed damask pattern, to tablecloths, crockery or glasses, this can be a motif with as much a presence as you desire for your big event.

In this gallery, you’ll find jacquard and damask patterning in geometric, organic, floral or even animal forms. The style is elegant and refined, ideal for a traditional wedding; and perfect for winter weddings with rich fabrics.

The jacquard print was invented in the 19th century, made possible by the mechanical production of woven patterns on a base fabric. Damask, on the other hand, is one of the weaving techniques of the Middle Ages, a pattern that is made on a simple fabric. It was traditionally made in silk, but now it can also be made with linen, cotton or with a combination of fibres.

We recommend using these elegant fabrics on your table runners, wedding tablecloths, upholstery, etc. perfect for an elegant and stylish wedding. You can choose a multitude of styles within the jacquard, such as combining it with metallic tones to add a touch of glamour.

We hope this gallery inspires you!

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