Into the Woods: Wedding Decor Inspiration

  • Photo: Alixann Loosle Photography
  • Photo: Bliss!
  • Poto: Clare West Photography
  • Photo: Elicia Bryan
  • Photo: Jacque Lynn Photography
  • Photo: Joe+Kathrina and catered by Sweet Basil Bistro
  • Photo: Mark Tierney
  • Photo: Oh So Beautiful Paper
    • Photo: RedCloudBoutique
    • Photo: Rebecca Goddard
    • Foto: Sarah Vivienne Photography
    • Photo: Trentième Étage
    • Photo: Trentième Étage
    • Photo: Mark Tierney
    • Foto: Jacque Lynn Photography
    • Photo: Bliss!
    • Photo: Arina B Photography
    • Photo: Elicia Bryan
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Ever since we delved into the dark fantasy of Into the Woods, we´ve been dreaming of what a woodland wedding would look like. There rich, dark greens and misty trees are so romantic and give the wedding a somewhat fairytale-like feel. You could imagine Oberon and Titania emerging from the realm of the Fae to come join your wedding party – and what a celebration that would be!

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