Inmaculada García 2016 Bridal Collection

The Spanish designer releases a dual collection with sensual and elegant dresses. Which bride are you?

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Having always dreamt of designing wedding dresses, Spanish designer Inmaculada García realized her dream when she opened her own atelier in Barcelona at the age of 33. The designer personally engages in the design of each wedding dress in her collection, which is part of the reason that makes the brand so desirable and unique. Inspired by street and high fashion trends each season, Inmaculada García always stays fresh.


In her latest collection of wedding dresses for 2016, Inmaculada García chose to pursue two styles. On one hand she emphasizes more romantic languid  silhouettes with sheer fabrics, and on other she created more structured, elegant designs with stiffer fabrics. Whichever bride you associate with more, the sensual or the elegant, this designer has a wedding dress for you.

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Inmaculada García 2016 Bridal Collection