Ingredients for a super boho chic wedding

Ingredients for a super boho chic wedding

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When we hear about someone planning their wedding, we more often than not probably imagine a very typical and traditional wedding – a ceremony followed by a reception somewhere, with food and drinks. But a wedding is so much more than just this, especially with the wide range of options and choices that we have allowing us to make each wedding unique, special and different.


Every person has their own individual tastes, and in this occasion we’re reaching out to those couples looking to plan a boho chic wedding. For those lovers of everything bohemian and hippie with a vintage yet romantic touch.

Boho chic is represented by comfortable wedding attire, light fabrics, floral crowns, braids and loose hair, relaxed yet elegant. When it comes to decor a natural setting is what fits this theme perfectly, with floral and natural table centerpieces mixing together a variety of eras without taking away a sense of glamour.

Have a look at our ideas for the perfect ingredients to create a fantastic boho chic wedding.

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Ingredients for a super boho chic wedding