Ines Di Santo´s Spring/Summer 2015 Bridal Collection: A Garden of Delights

Calling to mind beautifully manicured French gardens and also slightly wild, unhindered English Countryside gardens, this Ines di Santo Sping 2015 Bridal Collection is luscious!

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Inspired by gardens and images of lush rolling hills and draping gardens, the Spring 2015 Bridal Collection by Ines di Santo is luscious. It varies from themes of structured manicured French gardens, as seen in the dresses that carry Guipure lace appliques that climb the dresses like vines and the visible bodice lines that mimic den trellises or botanical mazes. Other gowns are more free-flowing and call to mind the slightly wild, unhindered beauty of English countryside gardens. Whichever calls to you, we´re sure it will be a spectacular choice.

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