Industrial Chic Decor: Original Ideas for Your 2017 Wedding

Industrial decor has taken this wedding season by storm. Don't miss out on the best industrial decorations for 2017!

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So we’ve covered vintage and rustic wedding decor. We couldn’t get through this wedding season without mentioning another decorating style that has taken this wedding season by storm. That’s why we’re devoting today’s gallery to industrial decor for 2017. Stylish brides to be are trading in extravagant wedding decorations for the rough and unpolished (but oh-so-stylish) look of industrial decor and we don’t see this trend fading any time soon.

If you ask us, there’s something so elegant about the cold and bare tones of grey, silver, and white made warm with industrial string lights, candles, and lanterns. Industrial decor presents endless DIY possibilities and so many ways to experiment with and mix-and-match elements like steel and reclaimed wood. That’s why we’ve compiled the most original industrial decor ideas for 2017. Think steel chairs, bricks, green garlands, unfinished wooden tables, industrial light bulbs, and lots of candles. If you’re planning a 2017 wedding, you don’t want to miss out on these decorations!

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