Hydrangeas: a wedding inspiration

The versatile bunch of flowers is back! Perfect for a bouquet or centerpiece, Hydrangeas can match any decor from vintage to classic.

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Hydrangeas sometimes get overlooked in wedding decor, but they are they perfect wedding flower because they are so versatile. They come in a multitude of lovely colors from the palest pastels to deep pinks and purples. The remind us of summer, but will bloom well into fall so that you can have them in an Autumnal wedding, as well.

Large and showy, Hydrangeas look great bunched together – they also make great fillers with other flowers. They look great with a rustic style wedding as well as a formal one. They’re also the perfect flower for all you DYI-ers as they grow in many gardens and are easy to tend.

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Hydrangeas: a wedding inspiration