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Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015 Bridal Collection: Bold and Bared

The dresses from Houghton Bride´s Spring Summer Bridal Collection are incredibly sexy in a very understated way, think Gwyneth Paltrow in the 90s.

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With deep, open backs, barely-there straps and diaphanous fabrics, the SS Collection from Houghton Bride is daringly sexy, but still elegant. The dresses aren´t form-fitting, but there are sensual glimpses of skin that are far more tantalizing. The cuts in this collection are playful and inventive: we especially like the transparent, lace halter top paired with a beautiful lace skirt. Houghton Bride´s creations are always daring and we like the risk that they take each season – their Fall/Winter Bridal Collection this year is so chic, we´d wear it on the street.

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