From Classical to Sensual: Spanish Bridal Designers Dominate the Wedding Dress Market

Spain has invaded the US - with bridal designers! These names may be familiar to you, but if not, you´re about to discover a whole new world of beauty, grace, and sensuality.

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These Spanish designers have been flooding the bridal market with spectacular wedding dresses that cater to every bride in the world. The newest bridal collections from 2016 are no exception. Are you looking for classical designs? Pronovias had gotten the science to designing the perfect traditional White Wedding Dress down – they know it´s in the quality of the fabric and the timelessness of the silhouette. Are you more of a sweet bride? Rosa Clará and their more affordable line Rosa Clará Two are so sweet we can picture Disney princesses wearing these confections. These are the two Spanish giants in the bridal industry, but there are some boutique designers who are gaining more recognition with their stunning interpretations on the wedding dress.

Inmaculada García, Jesús Peiró, and YolanCris have taken Spanish bridal design firmly into the modern haute couture world of luxury bridal dresses. Inmaculada García has a more bohemian chic feel to her designs; Jesús Periró is daring with his silhouettes – perfect for the modern bride who wants something different; YolanCris is a sister team that creates impossibly cool and sensual wedding dresses.

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