Find Inspiration For Your 2019 Outdoor Ceremony Here!

Getting married outdoors is always a fantastic option for Spring and Summer weddings, so check out our inspiration for your decoration today!

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It is becoming more and more common for couples to have their wedding outdoors – not just hosting their reception in a marquee, but the ceremony itself (altar and all!). Because of this growing trend, we have dedicated this gallery to showing you examples of outdoor decorations that you can take inspiration from for your own big day. You’ll be able to see all the details that you need to make your look perfect, so don’t miss out, and start scrolling now!


There are many details that you need to bear in mind when organising an outdoors wedding – for the most part, couples tend to start planning these types of weddings at least a year in advance, as their options for dates is vastly reduced (no bride wants to get married in the rain!). There are many different styles that you choose for your wedding outside, but the most popular tend to be rustic weddings – which take a lot of inspiration from nature already – or bohemian-themed weddings. 

Don’t miss out on discovering everything you could have at your outside wedding, and get inspired by these fabulous examples of ceremony decoration. Combine your decor with your wedding dress for 2019, and the rest will fall into place. Get started now!

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Find Inspiration For Your 2019 Outdoor Ceremony Here!