Editor´s Pick: Wedding Dresses for Thin Brides for 2015

Fill out your figure with wedding dresses with accents at the waits and with long sleeves, or play around with a crop top, layering, and wide-leg pants.

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If your silhouette is thin and you want to appear curvier there are several features that can help you – we recommend looking for dresses with details at the bust and hips. Things like detailed long sleeves, full skirts, and belted waists give the appearance of a curvier figure. However, you can also enhance your shape with a crop top exposing a bit of slim skin for some sensuality. You could also play with elephant pant legs for a more original look. Personally, our favorite looks is the loose, bohemian and modernized 1920s Flapper look. Slim was in during the 20s and the style of their dresses suited and flattered those body types.



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