Dr. Mike: get the know the most famous doctor on Instagram

Here's a lovely little gallery to brighten your Christmas day!

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The internet has been going absolutely bonkers for Dr. Mike’s Instagram – and if you haven’t seen it yet, well, Merry Christmas. The handsome real-life doctor’s account went viral and let us all relive our Grey’s Anatomy fantasies.

So who is Dr. Mike? The oh-so-handsome Instagram star is a second year medical resident who graduated from the New York Institute Of Technology’s College Of Osteopathic Medicine from their seven year program, he works in both New York and Miami, and is the proud owner of a beautiful husky named Roxy.

Although what we know about Dr. Mike so far is pretty limited, we do know that the doctor is using his new-found popularity for charity work, health promotion, and to inspire people who are considering entering the medical field themselves. He is incredibly fashionable – lads, take notice, this is what well-dressed means. He’s a model for all the fit hastags: #fitspiration, #fit, #fitgoals, etc.

Well, what do you think ladies? Apparently, he’s single and looking!

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