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According to Andreia, the best dresses are found in small shops where real fashion artisans are ready to create truly, unique dresses for brides.

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“The art of creating clothes is my passion since late childhood, creativity and curiosity have directed me to make this passion a profession”, these beautiful words have been spoken by Andreia CruzShe has her own atelier in wedding dresses in Italy where she creates magical pieces for women’s most special days. It is her mission to dress every woman with a personality to capture moments and her vision to communicate, offer solutions, satisfy and grow up. Are you curious and do you want to know more? Keep on reading!

The start

Andreia definitely has experience in studying design. She attended Fashion Design in Brazil. In addition, she has a specialization in modeling at Polimoda of Florence and two masters in volumetric modeling as well as two specializations in high fashion embroidery. She also has experience working in the fashion industry. She worked in two bridal tailors and evening dresses in Brazil. Not to mention she was part of the well-known icon Vivienne Westwood in Italy where she was in charge of developing the Gold Label and Red Carpet garments.

When we asked Andreia why she decided to devote herself to the creation of bridal dresses she answered: “It was more a consequence than a choice. As a teenager I attended many dances of rookies and other similar events, being fascinated by evening dresses. A few years later I have worked in two high fashion tailors, and, for a brand of a very famous designer, I was in charge of precisely the development of red carpet dresses. Let’s say I’ve always had a passion very special for this type of clothes. The wedding dress then represents for me the magic, the unique moment, the emotion of preparing one of the most exciting events in the life of a woman, and being able to be part of this moment means living all her together with the bride path, from the choice of model to the altar, making it feel unique and splendid.”

It was about four years ago when Andreia decided to create her own atelier. She wanted to create personalized clothes for her clients and make them participate in her creative process. She believes the key to a really special dress is found within this participation process. Another reason for her to create her own atelier was to show her creations to the world. Nowadays she works with a small team.


When Andreia creates new collections, she always looks for an artistic period or a strong woman’s personality to get inspired. Another element she gets her inspiration from is nature, with all its shapes and colors. Of course this is different when she gets an order to make a customized dress. In this situation, she gets her inspiration from the bride herself. The style that best defines her work is contemporary. 


She always tries to use natural materials, such as silk in all kind of types. Other types of materials she likes are cotton and linen, which she feels are underestimated for wedding dresses. She believes that when they are used with the right creativity, they can contribute to create true masterpieces. We are definitely interested in seeing one of those! Above all, she is always looking for the best compromise between the quality of the fabric and the client’s budget.


According to Andreia, the biggest challenge in her job is to understand what the bride really wants. Andreia: “It may seem trivial but many times they don’t know to communicate what they want, and other times they just don’t know what they want, because some are not used to seeing each other in long dresses, and this can create a little insecurity.”

Customers can come to Andreia either prepared with an idea in their head or with the task for her to let her creative mind loose. Brides usually come to the atelier when they have already seen something on the internet, her site or on Instagram. Other brides arrive at the last moment. For these brides the ready-made clothes can be the solution. These can be personalized and adapted to their body, making them the perfect fit.

Andreia also told us how the process looks like when a bride arrives at her atelier: “All start with a first conversation to understand what you want and then start with the test of some models, to identify the most suitable silhouette. I elaborate some sketches accompanied by a sample of fabrics, lace and embroidery and so, once I have chosen the model, I start designing the patterns, and I make the test canvas. Follow about 3 tests in total. The dress then comes delivered to the bride a few days before the wedding. In some cases, we can keep the dress in the atelier until the wedding day and then go dress the bride in the place where she is preparing. It is always great to see the twinkle in the eyes of the bride when she sees her dress for the first time.”

What is the most rewarding thing about creating a wedding dress? 

The most rewarding thing about creating a wedding dress according to Andreia is seeing the shiny and excited eyes, the smile and the happy face of every bride when they make the final dress test. At that moment, she feels very gratified for having chosen this job.

Andreia’s last advice for brides and guests

We asked Andreia to give away some tips for future brides and guests. A tip she always gives her clients is not to be in a hurry to find a solution immediately. She says you should appreciate the process and the fact that the moment is special. Besides this, the bride should always rely on a professional. She urges you not to fall for the temptation of buying a dress online when you don’t know the designer well and the way the clothes are made. According to her, the best dresses are found in small shops where real fashion artisans are ready to create truly, unique dresses for brides.

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