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Discover the exquisite 2016 New York Collection from Inbal Dror

Check out the high impact designs from the exquisite 2016 New York Collection from Inbal Dror!

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Discover the high end, high impact bridal gowns and evening dresses from Inbal Dror! Each gown is an exquisite masterpiece, designed to flatter the female form and crafted with an expert eye for detail.  

The 2016 “New York” collection from Inbal Dror ranges from regal Bridal gowns to sultry evening wear, the collection this year brings glamour and decadence to each piece.

With gorgeous detailings of sumptuous tulle and delicate lace, the soft colour palette beautifully compliments each design. With tones of ivory, vanilla, champagne & the more daring charcoal and Blush hues serve as a canvas for exquisite designs. Composed of the highest quality European fabrics we’re seeing layers of silk tulle & dainty matte sequins and even more unexpected laser cutouts.

Every design is made for high impact and will have heads turning! An Inbal Dror bride is sexy, self assured and confident and in an Inbal Dror dress, each stride down the asile will be making a lasting impression. Choose your favourite and add a touch of drama to your big day!

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