Decor Highlights: Wedding Guest Book Inspirations for 2015

Wedding Books are one of the best ways to involve your guests - create something fun and interactive for them so that every moment of your wedding is unforgettable!

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These days the wedding guest book has come a long way from a kindly wishes and a signature. These days you can add your fingerprint or a Polaroid snapshot along with those well-wishes so the bride and groom can put a face to the sweet words. Another wonderful idea is to give guests pieces of fabric that can they can then sew unto a Memorial Quilt. If you have guests coming from far away, have them pin where they came from on a map. This is one of the moments in the wedding when they guests can really participate and its a great keepsake to have, so make it fun and unforgettable!

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Decor Highlights: Wedding Guest Book Inspirations for 2015