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Day For Night: The Luminous New Collection from the Fabulous Charlie Brear

Charlie Brear's Mainline Bridal Collection for Spring 2019 is here, and it's about as luxurious as bridal fashion can get. Check out the whole gallery here!

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Sleek and contemporary, Charlie Brear’s latest collection ‘Day For Night’ – named for the English translation of the French film-making process known as la nuit américaine – is synonymous with the brand’s reputation for excellence. This Spring 2019 Collection gives itself away as contemporary through the use of the most gorgeous artisanal fabrics and daringingly deep V-neck necklines, though it retains an echo of classical bridal style in its simple A-line shapes and the small trains drifting behind several of the gowns.

However, modernism rules the way within the Day For Night collection. A burst of colour is introduced in the Leda dress, and the use of floral detailing is present amongst many of the other designs, including the Onilie dress, where intermittent floral appliqués in the skirt contribute to a bohemian vibe. The Pallas gown – a celebration of what it means to be chic, with a gorgeous Greek-inspired bodice and skirt – is also available in a pastel blue colour that is perfect for a bride looking for something a bit unique. 

Indeed, the influence of other cultures and their traditional fashion cuts and shapes is clear, and pulled off to great effect. This is particularly present in the Nyika dress, which takes inspiration from Japan with its long kimono-style sleeves and high waistline. Charlie Brear makes this infusion of classic and contemporary feel effortless, and manages to create a powerful semblance of diversity within the collection, with dresses that are perfect for vintage weddings, and gowns for modern-themed ceremonies too. 

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