Cupcakes: the Bite-Sized Wedding Cake Option

Cupcakes on Your Wedding Menu

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Recently, we´ve noticed quite a few couples opting for cupcakes instead of the traditional tiered wedding cake, and we´re all for it. Who doesn´t love a cupcake? It´s a cake that fits perfectly in your mouth and you´re allowed to have more than one, whereas if your try to go for that second slice you´ll probably get a side eye from somebody – and this is the key bonus point for cupcakes, by far, in our humble, hungry opinion.

Cupcakes are also like that little black dress you have, you can dress it up or dress it down, it can be fancy or casual and fun – basically, you can do whatever you want. Our favorite in this gallery were the mini cupcakes – the first we´ve ever heard of such a thing and we are already in love. We´d pop those little babies like popcorn.

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