Creative Decorations for a Rustic Wedding 2017

Give your wedding a warm and cozy feel with these lovely rustic decorations!

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When it comes to decorations, there are thousands of ways to adorn your big day. Today’s post is dedicated to one of our favorite decorating styles. In this gallery, we present the latest decoration trends and ideas for a rustic wedding 2017.

Every year, more and more couples give up traditional banquet halls for the warm, at-home feel of farmhouses, ranches, and cottages. These venues make the perfect setting for a rustic wedding, and there are even more options for an outdoor wedding.

We recommend rustic décor for the alternative, casual, vintage-loving bride looking to add a touch of warmth and coziness to her wedding.  Think barrels, reclaimed wooden tables, antique furniture, mason jars, and hanging string lights. Another bonus of a rustic wedding is that there are so many DIY opportunities.

Start exploring all kinds of lovely rustic details and discover the perfect decorations for your 2017 wedding celebration!

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Creative Decorations for a Rustic Wedding 2017