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Centerpieces, Candles, Hanging Terrariums: what will be your table decor?

Looking for some table decor inspiration? This is the gallery for you!

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If you´re engaged to be married this year, you´ve probably picked sent out all the invitations, picked out your dress and are now coming to the final touches. Are you still choosing your wedding table decor? It can be difficult we know – lots and lots of tiny details. Do you go with candles? Large centerpieces? Hanging terrariums? All of the above? Centerpieces will give guests a talking point, but they can also block views. Cages and terrariums are atmospheric and give a whimsical look to the decor, but beware you don´t hang them too low, lest your guests bump heads with them. Candles are wonderfully romantic and cast lovely light, just make sure there´s nothing near, like ribbons or flowers that can catch fire. If you´re still wavering, here are a few gorgeous examples we thought will help give you some inspiration.


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